First Time Client

  • 1 cryotherapy session

Single Session

  • 1 cryotherapy session


  • 3 cryotherapy sessions

Peak Output

  • 5 cryotherapy sessions

Health and Wellness

  • 10 cryotherapy sessions


  • 20 cryotherapy sessions

Some High Fives From Our Customers

"3 minutes at -230 degrees and I made it. I feel fabulous. A 6 mile hike along with ACL Surgery just over a year ago my left leg had some burning pain. Once I was done with my 3 minute session it was gone. Tons of energy today. Worth every penny." - Vickie K

"Such a relief to find someone who does Cryotherapy in Chandler! I love the package pricing too. Dr. David and his staff are great!!" - Taylor F

"What a great addition to Chandlers community! The staff is great and the service Southwest Cryotherapy offers is off the charts! I definitely recommend checking them out!!" - Steve S